Quality Is Assured

Rigorous QA testing and generous warranty bring confidence.

Before your rugged ICI computer goes out the door, it must first pass detailed, rigorous test protocols to ensure it performs up to our superior standard, and delivers the exact performance features you requested. Here are the key steps in our Quality Assurance process:

Pre-build checks

We’ll double-check your quote for clarity, then have a separate ICI pro pull parts to verify that everything matches the build order, including any special requests you may have.

Chassis inspection

We’ll inspect the chassis for dents, scuffs and scratches, tighten all screws and check the front door and lock for proper functionality.

Assembly protocols

Our pros will install components such as the processor, RAM and CPU cooler onto the motherboard before installing in the chassis. We’ll check alignment of all ports and components and ensure that the ports are unobstructed. We’ll then install add-in expansion cards, if needed, and re-check the final assembly against the build order.

Final checks & testing

Before we ship, we’ll check the functionality of the power and reset buttons and LED lights, verify performance of active SATA ports and fans, and run memory and burn-in tests – while enclosing printed reports for you. We’ll also install the base operating system, device drivers and the latest Windows updates, if applicable.

Best products, best warranties

Many of our products feature 2-year warranties, giving you twice the protection of competitors’ 1-year plans. Click to learn more about our warranty, return and refund policies, and view key details:

Warranty Statement

RMA Form

Return Policy

Want to see the full list of protocols? Download our Assembly & Final Checklist now!