Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to our customers’ most common questions.

Q. How long can I expect my computer to last?

A. Each ICI computer is, of course, built for different performance needs and environmental demands. But most of our products have long life cycles – on average, seven years or more.

Q. I can’t afford downtime. How do I know your products are reliable?

A. It all starts with the mother board (or system board). We use only the highest-quality, industrial-grade (beyond just “commercial” grade) mother boards – from proven vendors that we’ve trusted for years. These boards feature premium components that can stand up to heat, moisture, vibrations and other tough conditions that can erode the quality of lesser-made units.

Q. I’m looking for some new rackmount PCs that need to run 24/7. What chassis options do you have?

A. Our rackmount PCs are available in multiple chassis sizes, including: 4U, 4U Short (15” deep), 3U, 3U Short (15” deep), 2U and 1U. We offer standard configurations (found here on our website), or simply contact us and we’ll customize a solution that’s tailored to your needs. And yes, every ICI solution will give you 24/7 performance.

Q. A computer that I ordered from another company gave me problems right out of the box. What steps do you take to prevent that?

A. Before it’s shipped, each ICI computer undergoes a burn-in process – a loop of tests that “stresses” the components and identifies any potential functional failures. In addition, we test each memory module to ensure that it’s fully functional. Then, we insert a print-out of the report so you can see when and how it was tested prior to shipment.

Q. How do I know if I need a fanless computer?

A. Some industrial environments can devastate a computer’s hardware and internal components. If you have a lot of dust, dirt and other airborne particulates floating around your facility, they can get trapped inside the unit and cause overheating, shorting and sluggishness. Fanless computer models use alternative cooling technologies to help prevent this costly damage. Tell us about your specific environment and we’ll craft the right solution.

Q. We’re looking at adding some capabilities to our facility; will we need to invest in entirely new computer systems?

A. Like most industrial PCs, ICI solutions have more expansion capabilities than commercial computers. In fact, our solutions typically allow businesses to standardize on one computer system without any major hardware changes for several years. If designed properly from the beginning, we can include I/O options that give you the flexibility to add new sensors, PLCs and other devices to your system while still connecting seamlessly with legacy equipment.

Q. Are ICI solutions compatible with Windows 7 and/or Windows 11?

Yes, we have all of your Windows 7 and Windows 11 compatibility needs covered. See links below, or please call us for any other questions and we can address your needs one on one.

Windows 7 Compatible

Rackmount Servers

Embedded Computers

Panel PCs


Windows 11 Compatible

Rackmount Servers

Embedded Computers

Panel PCs


Q. Are there any forms that a new customer needs to fill out?

A. Please download and fill out the below forms and email them back to us at [email protected].

Customer Information Form

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