ICI History

Solving the toughest computer challenges since 1984.

The ICI legacy of service, reliability and innovation reaches back nearly four decades. Rick Whiddon, our founder and former CEO, helped start Computer Medic in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1984. As the name implies, the company provided expert computer repair with exceptional knowledge and quick-turn customer service – values we still hold today.

Lumber mill challenge changes everything

In 2001, Rick launched Industrial Computers Inc. as a spin-off of Computer Medic, after a lumber mill client asked for a robust, long-life computer that could:

  • Help inspect and analyze logs for the most efficient cuts
  • Perform consistent, precise functions and deliver reliable results
  • Do it all amid the harsh, punishing environment of his lumber mill

After extensive research, development and testing, we partnered with a local sheet metal fabricator with auto manufacturing ties and designed a prototype computer on a rackmount foundation. It was a success, and set the stage for more opportunities.

“ICI is all about solving customer challenges and providing the best service experience. That’s why we’ve succeeded – and those values will never go out of style.”

– Rick Whiddon, ICI founder and former owner

From Ann Arbor to the world

Building upon this inventive new solution and platform design, the company was transformed into a rackmount computer-based business that grew to serve clients all over the world, in diverse industries and business sectors. ICI became the go-to expert in engineering highly reliable computers with long life spans that can:

  • Absorb excessive vibrations
  • Handle extreme temperatures
  • Collect critical data and perform other functions in a variety of conditions
  • Operate around the clock, 24/7

A new legacy begins

Today, under new owners Jeff Frost and Mario Nanos, ICI is poised for more exciting growth, with enhanced product design and integration capabilities that’ll expand our position as a leading computer innovator and OEM supplier in the United States.