Custom Integrations

From processors and ports to budget demands, we’ll build it your way.

As a leader in industrial computer design, we know that the more customized your solution is, the harder it will work for you. ICI experts can build a system that meets your exact performance demands – no more, no less. And it all starts with asking the right questions, around these factors:


Specifically, how will the system be used, and what other systems or peripherals will it connect to once it’s installed? Are you currently using a computer solution for this need? If so, where is it underperforming, or why are you changing hardware vendors?

The environment

Tell us about possible extreme temperatures, moisture, air particles, electromagnetic interference and vibrations that could impact the unit. Also, think about how the system will be enclosed and mounted.

Technical demands

What is your processor preference? How many I/O ports will you need – LAN, serial ports, video outputs, USBs, etc.? How about your power setup, storage, memory, operating system and software preferences? If you’re collecting data, where will it live? We’ll cover all these technical specs, and more.


When do you need a prototype, how long will you test it, and when will you move to the actual rollout?


How many systems will you need and what is your anticipated order frequency? Also, how long do you expect to be purchasing this configuration, and will be there significant anticipated revisions in the future?


What is your budget for this system/order quantity? Is it fixed or do you have room for flexibility within this and/or the next budget cycle?


Do you want the system to be branded with your logo? Do you need custom labeling, or have specific regulatory certifications you need to meet?

Are you ready to build a solution that’ll help you run smarter, produce more and drive a higher ROI?

Contact us and let’s get started!