Markets and Industries Served

We specialize in supporting these thriving industries.

After decades of experience in industrial computer applications, we can address a vast array of needs for customers across the operational landscape. From aiding in life-saving stent production to supporting top-secret military technologies, we’ve seen and done it all. But we spend most of our time serving customers in these industries:

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Many OEMs use our computers as part of a larger end-product or operational system. Our solutions help drive everything from robotics and automotive production to IIoT applications, IC manufacturing and more.

Medical & Healthcare

Our medical PCs are built to meet the stringent performance and safety standards of healthcare applications – including device manufacturing plus data-intensive imaging, telehealth and EMRs, as well as non-critical care uses.

Defense & Government

Everything from weapon and flight training to combat simulations to general communications are made easier and more intuitive with our TAA-compliant industrial computers. We supply solutions directly to U.S. service branches as well as support premier defense contractors in developing systems with state-of-the-art offensive and defensive capabilities. And we handle every detail with utmost security.

Agriculture & Food Production

Agricultural and food producers rely on our systems to help control complex, automated production and storage processes by monitoring and optimizing performance. These environments can present significant operational difficulties such as vibrations, heat, air particulates and more – and our PCs are up to the challenge.